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 Jin Chikami's zanpakuto

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Character Sheet: Jin Chikami
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PostSubject: Jin Chikami's zanpakuto   Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:04 am

Zanpakutou Name: Kami Joutai (Demon God)
Bankai's name: Chi Kami Joutai (Demon Blood God)
Sealed Form: the guard comes to six points around the hilt and a dragon one the handle and two strips of
black cloth joined together by a silver and red diamond shaped clasp are attached to the bottom of the hilt
the blade is 42 inches long and 1.63 inches wide and the hilt is 16 inches long

Spirit Manifestion: Black haired maiden with blood tear markings shes in a silver low cut kimono
with a red sash and black fingernail polish and black sabi and silver sandels, she has fangs
and a wicked smile, a beautiful face, and black feathered wings with silver tips that have
seven silver flames that form a circle around the back of her head. she is fairly well put
together;P.her voice is soft but has a strong sounding echo.

Spirit Realm: Jin's spirit realm is a series of inter connected islands floating in an ocean
of silver flames on each island are a series of pillars which change depending on his mood the
shape and number of pillars are determined by the emotion and level of that emotion

Release command:Cry out for blood and consume my enemy

Shikai: sword turns black and is covered in silver flames and has two silver orbs circling
wielders wrist

Abilities upon release: the silver flames are used to consume and store all reiatsu, kido, and reishi they come in
contact with to a limit of twice his strength and Jin's eyes gain the ability to analyze all he sees

Bankai:the silver flames grow and swirl around Jin then begin to condense on Jin
there is a blinding flash of light and when it passes Jin is wearing a black long coat
with his arms exposed and covered in silver flames his sword is shealthed in its shikai
state at his side their are silver flames all around him

Abilities upon release: can drain 10 times more energy and has a 360 degree attack radius and
5 tmes the range also his speed and strength is greatly increased
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PostSubject: Re: Jin Chikami's zanpakuto   Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:35 am

Approved i though neo already accepted yyou

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