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 Jin Chikami

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Character Sheet: Jin Chikami
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PostSubject: Jin Chikami   Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:06 am

Name:Jin Chikami

Age at time of Death: 25

Current Age: 951

Rukongai District resident of before joining the Academy:he was found in the 80th south

Appearance:tall(6'1"), lean(183lbs), handsome, muscular,and he has shoulder length scruffy brown hair
his eyes are black with red pupils, he wears typical shinigami attire except for his silver
chain he has around his right wrist it has a dragon emblem on it
Personality: Calm and intelligence but he loves to drink and have fun. he has a reputation
for being exceptionally good with the ladies and has a beauties among his "close friends" ,who he
never reveals who.

Skills: excels in Zanjutsu, and kido

Fighting Style: Iai style to start with followed by his own unique style

Aspirations: to protect those who follow him and those he loves. to become the King of
soul society, get revenged for his banishment from the seireitai

Biography:Jin Chikami was born in the 80th district of the south rukongai into an age of
civil war 951 years ago. He grow up quickly watching the carnage around him, honing his skills
with his zanpakutou on those foolish enough to try and kill him. he soon had a reputation for
being incredibly strong and caring towards those he knew and brutal with those who crossed him.
when he was 275 years old, having distinguished himself in the war, he was given the rank of
commander and his group of soldiers were allowed to stay with him as well. He would continue
to grow in might until on a fateful day when inside his inner world training with Kami Joutai
he heard a voice like his but twisted and dark. Then a being appeared with his sword in its hand
and dressed in white with a smirk. It was similar Jin in height and build but his eyes were blue with yellow
pupils and his hair was cut close and he wore and long white vest that reached his feet challenged Jin
to a fight for control over Kami Joutai and his body, Jin accepted. After a long and brutal fight ,in which
jin almost died, he beat his hollow and gained his mask. He told his superiors about this strange accurance
and they reacted to it poorly and locked him in a cell thinking he was corrupted by this transformation and
sentenced him to die. his squad mounted a full scale assault to free him and eventually they succeeded in
freeing him but lost all but three of its members his lover Elianna, his best friend Darius, and his pupil Souga.
Together with them he feld first to the real world but they were followed and engaged though they managed to
escape they were forced to abandon the world of the living for Hueco Mundo. There they would all eventually
become Vizards. Jin was the first to unlock his resurrection.

Hollow Mask: Jin's mask is white with a black triangular mark above his eyes in the center of
his forehead and three red lines one down the center(over the triangle) one on each side of
his face angled down across his cheeks all three joining at his chin Jin's eyes are black with red pupils and
have the ability to analyze
all they see he can also see 360 degrees when he uses his reiatsu to
empower his eyes.

Hollow Form: When Jin takes is resurrection form his body is encased in silver and black armor ,and his eyes burst into silver flames with red cores and he has a halo of silver flame around his head. his armored hands look like claws his legs
have shin guards and clawed feet. his sword is in its scabbard at his side he has silver flames encircling his ankles and wrists.

Hollow powers: His power is an augmented version of his bankai except his speed and strength are greatly heightened
He is able to manifest Kami Joutai to fight along side.

Special abilities:Kami Joutai's power is to create silver flames that consume and store reishi and reiatsu.
Jin can also store the acquired power within himself increasing his own strength it also keeps him young making
him look as he did when he first drew out his shikai.
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Character sheet
Character Sheet: Jin Chikami
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PostSubject: ?   Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:35 pm

am i accepted or what pls let me know either way pls
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PostSubject: Re: Jin Chikami   Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:33 am

accepted youde be great in another site that Kiro made ask a bout it

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