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 Sam Evergreen's Zanpakuto

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Sam Evergreen

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PostSubject: Sam Evergreen's Zanpakuto   Sun Oct 25, 2009 7:10 am

Name : Nikko
Release Phrase : Fuwafuwa Sono Sekai Nikko
Ability 1: Light Arch- Slices the air and sends forth a blast of light and heat energy that explodes on impact. Blindingly bright to all but the user.
Ability 2: Light Pulse- A pulse explodes outwards form the wielder in a dome for 20 meters
Ability 1: Solar Flare- Intense blast of light ripples out from the wielder releasing scorching heat, light and solar radiation.
Ability 2: Light Bending: User bends light to make illusionary copies of himself with a max of 3 copies explode when thy are destroyed in the same way as Light Pulse
All Shikai abilities are available in Bankai they are just stronger
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Sam Evergreen's Zanpakuto
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