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 Winzer Reborn

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PostSubject: Winzer Reborn   Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:02 pm

Name: Winzer Soul Blade

While on a field trip in the real world Winzer and his squad encountered some hallows. While fighting Winzer was captured and draged into Hueco Mundo. He was devoured by the Hallows and soon found himself a hollow.

After many years he was used in an experement for Espada. Durring the experement the phisical body was destoryed, the test was thought as a failure. The lingering soul of Winzer soon found itself inside the body of a Soul Reaper.

Within the Soul Reapers soul Winzer\'s soul killed the Zanpakuto and took over the soul completely. Now that Winzer was though of a Soul Reaper in his new body he planed on becoming stronger to destory any opponant.

Within months of being at the Soul Society he was promoted up in ranks. He soon stood at Leutenant of the First Devision. Arround the same time he found he had the power to summond up his hallow form that had the power of an Espada.

In secret Winzer tested his powers finding out he still has a Shikai and Bankai but can change into a Hallow Form. He was apart from the Espada, and the Visards, but for the sake of arguement he called himself a Visard.

Visard Form: When he took his Visard Form his clothing changes into the Espada Uniform. He has no phsical mask but his hair changes white. While in his Visard state he forms a hole where his heart should be.

~ Unmatched in speed.
~ Advanced the Flash Step to a whole new ability that make it apear that he teleports.
~ While in Visard Form he has the abilitys to create illusions out of himself and the surroundings.
~ Ability to drain opponant of Spiritual Energy.
~ Master of any Kido
~ Able to use Cido and other of his Espda powers even when not in Espada/Visard Form.

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PostSubject: Re: Winzer Reborn   Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:53 pm

nice accepted your a dimension hopper too

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