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 Zane Hataro (Vizard)

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Zane Hataro


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PostSubject: Zane Hataro (Vizard)   Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:20 pm

Name: Zane Hataro
Appearance Age:17
Real age: 230
Race: Soul Reaper (Unknown Vizard)
Rank:Previous Captain of Squad 11. Presently Traitor of Soul society hiding in the living realm in wait for a chance to strike.
Zanpakto Data: Shikai Ability: The base shikai ability of raienzo gathers the reiatsu from it's user and the surrounding area to make a wall of spiritual pressure around the blade. The spiritual pressure is then unleashed in a focused state that can be anywhere from a slash-shaped blast, to a explosion of pure spiritual pressure.

Bankai Ability: The Bankai ability of Raienzo gathers reiatsu from around the user at a rapid rate and forms a layer of spiritual pressure around the user and Raienzo. Depending on the amount of reiatsu absorbed the affect of the spiritual pressure feild ma varri. In a low reiatsu area the user gains slightly more strength, endurance,and speed. In a medium reiatsu filled area the user gains higher strength, endurance,speed, and the power of the charged reiatsu blast is twice as powerful with half the required reiatsu consumption.In a highly reiatsu filled area ( such as the Soul Society) the user gains very high strength,endurance,high speed( not super freakishly fast),and the ability to create small blades from spiritual pressure and make them explode when near an opponent.

Appearance : Avitar. If my appearance ever changes in the fourm my avitar probably will change to said image

Mask Appearance:
Mask Ability: The hollow,when in use allows a much rapiderreiatsu consumption rate and when making a direct cut at the opponent adds the abillity to absorb a small fraction of their life-force to heal the user's wounds/injuries. It also enables the user to use cero-based attacks and doubles all statistical attributes.

New History: Recently a group of shinigami discovered the where-abouts of hide-out and to avoid suspishion of him being a traitor, if any of them had any, he began to become more social to try and void it. Later on, he trained in a high stake's fight with his Hollow to obtain further power, detsroying his under-ground training grounds in the process, lastly he entered combat with a powerful vaizard like him self in the city is hide-out was located in.

Second Hollow state qulifacations: The 2nd Hollow state is a similer version to what Vaizard's go through when they try and master their first state of power from their Hollow. It requires the user to already pre-tain a high-mastery of the Vaizard state and acts as the next stage for the Hollow to take control. it can't be mastered, unlike the original stage, but has much more power.

Hollow Personality/Appearance: Zane's Hollow has a blood-thirsty chaotic type of personality and beleives in killing all those who lose to him in combat with a second of thought. The Hollow uses a fighting style of mainly kicks and punchs even though it has a zanpakto to use at any time. The Hollow appears as an inverted replica of Zane with black skin and a differnet colored- set of clothing. It also uses a form of black reiatsu.

Second hollow Form Requirements.
Already in first Vaizard stage
No Zanpakto in reach.

Second Hollow form powers
Greater mastery of Cero-based techniques
A massiv boost in how much damage the user can take and how much they can attack before being fatigued.
Able to turn his Zanpakto into pure-black reiatsu and manipulate it at will.
Roughly 1.5x speed boost.
Reiatsu can now be absorbed through the skin and fired in several types of black cero's ranging from 0.5x the basic;s power to 3x the basic's power depending on the reiatsu that is absorbed.
Cero's can now change direction after being fired and have a longer range/ width.
Some kido have a great increas in power to twice that of what they would have with an incantation without one.
Second hollow stage downfalls
Hollow takes control of the user blinding them from telling who's an ally and who's an enemy.
The form last's longer after each use until eventually the Inner-hollow fully controls the user and transforms into the Inner Holow with all the power of the second Hollow state.( First use to full control. 5 Posts, 7 posts, 10 posts, 12 posts, 15 posts, 20 posts, Until death.)
The form inflicts a high amount of pain to the user while the hollow controls their body.
After reverting the user is instantly knocked-out from the form and takes twice as long to regain conshiousness then if it was a normal knock-out.
Kido that require incantations can no longer be used. ( 60 or higher)

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PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro (Vizard)   Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:42 pm

All approved except the small blades that explode in bankai because thats like Byakuya's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi

I just dont know anymore.. Does she..?
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Zane Hataro (Vizard)
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