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 is starting over....

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ichi tekunosaundo


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PostSubject: is starting over....   Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:11 pm

if you have readed the post with issei and ichimei you saw that they both died.....yes this was my plan i realised that i didnt like issei as much as i thought and ichimei the same....And no i am still the captin of squad zero so dont even....i made it work ok....Ichimei was a cover up for ichi, and ichi is the real ichimei....and Daichi is know in issei's place daichi was traped inside ichimei as anyone can tell.....and now is out and ichi pro will be up and ready sometime to day i hope. Im not messing up again so yeah...same with daichi.

Any question comments just say ask i will be on all day....trying to get there pro's done....and hopefuly you guys will understand.....

R.I.P issei, ichimei....^^

i wrote this really fast so be nice....xP
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is starting over....
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