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 Sesaro's zanpakto

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PostSubject: Sesaro's zanpakto   Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:46 pm

Name:Tucrezox & Xutremia

Decription: Tucrezox and Xutemia are daggers that are about 3feet long and Tucrezox on the side that is used to attack has spikes around 6 inches long and Xutremio on the side used to cut is like regular zanpaktos that are smoth but it is abit thicker then my other dagger (zanpakto) that it can cut threw almost everything like walls,fortresses and in the middle it has a small line thats like a hole that any zanpakto could get stuck in there
Abilities: none in normal state.

Shikai:activated by the words twins hunt & kill
Tucrezox changes in lenght it grows to around 4feet and the spikes gain spikes on them and threw those spikes i can flow chakra out to help my speed and ofence and now he and xumetia are conected by a chain
Xumetia also gets longer but it then gains two more blades come and now it looks like half of a fan that also can shoot out spiritual presure to help speed and ofence and now her and tucrezox are now conected by a chain

bankai:it is activated by the words twins unite to destroy
tucrezox & xumetia conect making one long blade of 6feet in lenght and it is held by a long chain of 12feet long that has two circle about 2feet apart for me to hold and the chain has spikes all over that i can use to wrap my oponent to stab all over that part of his/her body the new zanpakto that gets made is like i said 6 feet long and around the 3feet is just a long sword and under that there are circles that have spikes in them and from the starting part their are two more chanins that are conected to two cresent shaped sword things conected to each one and those two cresent shaped parts can snap together and in the iner curve their are spikes that are around 2feet long and together in one chain their are 4feet of spike long enough to stab through the oponents body that i can also spin around to cu through many things

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PostSubject: Re: Sesaro's zanpakto   Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:43 pm


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