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 Dellapero's zanpakto and ressurection.

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Zane Hataro


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PostSubject: Dellapero's zanpakto and ressurection.   Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:18 pm

Zanpakto/ ressurection name:Elian Masendo

Zanpakto data; Dellapero's zanpakto while in his human-state are two basic swords that soul-reapers would use before unlocking shikai, but unlike the normal zanpakto, these swords have power far byond most shikais to ever exist and when mixed iwth his hollow power makes it equal to a bankai. The zanpakto have one ability and that is that he can clone the blades into anywhere from 4, to 1000 blades that can be controlled by reiatsu and fired without useing any strength or contact.

Human form skills
Basic Cero - color is silver.
Able to move at such a fast-pace that he can appear at more then one location at at a time.
Twisted Cero- Two cero fired from both hands that combine into one massiv cero 3x the basic's power.

Ressurection boosts and powers
In this state Dellapero takes a more demonic appearance. His entire body turns into a metal substance three time sstronger then an espada's normal ressurection skin. ( Espada have stronger skin then any1 else as said by teh fire-arrancar way back in the first arrancar assault episodes.) He can also shoot out small blades from any part of his body and make blades come out of his skin for offencive and defencive close-range combat. From the spikes in his body he can fire small cero's 1/2 the original's power.Lastly, his two zanpakto become one larger one that can fire a powerful cero in slashs.
Stat boosts
Much Higher durability
Stronger Ceros.
Much higher strength.
Slightly higher Speed.

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PostSubject: Re: Dellapero's zanpakto and ressurection.   Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:19 am


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