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 warrior of fear's Zanpakutos- accapentce needed

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PostSubject: warrior of fear's Zanpakutos- accapentce needed   Fri May 07, 2010 10:29 pm

Zanpakuto Spirits: one is a wolf the other is a phoenix the wolf is called nightslasher the phoenix immortal warrior

Sealed Zanpakuto: blades that form an acute triangle with holes to fit fist into then vine up spiraling to cuffs on trilons wrist(turn in plan wrist cuffs when not in fighting mode

Shikai Description: they stay the same only the picture of a wolf pouncing and a phoenix taking off appear on the blades the release seals are claw nightslasher and rise immortal warrior to fight once more

Shikai Abilities:
Nightslasher- allows trilon to take on his opents greatest fear form
Immortal warrior- the greatest diesire

Bankai Description: steel katanas that are conntected at the hilt with chain in hilt that will grow and decrease on comand giving trilon long range and short range attacks

gives trilons shikai abilities and super speed and can heal his wounds as he fights (thanks to phoenix ability)

attacks: the wolf prowls and the phoenix striks- chain rappes around opponet and sword wounds opponet but will only kill if a life is in danger

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PostSubject: Re: warrior of fear's Zanpakutos- accapentce needed   Sat May 08, 2010 7:32 am


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