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 Helžręll Sjórdżr- Ęgirdór

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PostSubject: Helžręll Sjórdżr- Ęgirdór   Mon May 31, 2010 8:40 am

Zanpakuto Spirit: Ęgirdór Biarnarson's zanpakuto is named Sjórdżr(sea-beast). It appears to him in the middle of the ocean, as nothing but the occasional shadow in the water and bulge of water. Ęgirdór is always standing in a boat with a single paddle at his feat. He never had the ambition to search but when it came time, Sjórdżr showed itself. At first a tentacle was all that was visible, but it eventually came to two, four, and eventually eight. One day Ęgirdór finally stepped out of the boat. he was immediately dragged under by the tentacles, He tried to fight but could get nowhere. Sjórdżr asked him why he struggled, and his reply was "because ill die." Sjórdżr told him to stop, open his eyes and take a deep breath. Ęgirdór did as he was told, when he opened his eyes he saw the beast, a giant squid like creature with 8 furious arms. He then opened his mouth and breathed in the freshest air. Sjórdżr told him "When in the water never fear. If ever you need my power, just ask."

Sealed Zanpakuto: Sjórdżr is a normal katana that has dark-blue/White silk wraps and a black saya. The tsuba depicts waves crashing along the blade. On the end however sits a peculiar piece; A giant kraken with its arms entwined in the handle. It had eyes red as blood, and made of a hard bone like substance.

Shikai Description: The release phrase for shikai is Svelga_Sjórdżr - Engulf_Kraken. when the phrase is read the ornament releases its tangled tentacles and latches on to Ęgirdór's hand, creating an unbreakable bond. The sword becomes a longsword with the tsuba folding into a cross-piece, and the blade straightening and gaining a double edge.

Shikai Abilities: Ęgirdór can now breathe in water. He also can control the water that comes into contact with his zanpakuto. The water has to be connected to the sword at some point, even if it is only a chain of water. He can change the tension/solidity of the water, as well as the shape(as long as it is touching the sword). This can be used to do different things like propel himself forward, create shields, extend his reach, etc.

Bankai Description: Helžręll-Sjórdżr - Hell's Minion; The Kraken. When activated the ornament falls off Ęgirdór's arm as well as the zanpakuto. The eyes Pulse red and it begins to grow. It grows to be as big as a Semi-trailer truck with tentacles reaching 15 ft. It has A large bowl shape head with pale cream-colored skin. It has large red eyes and an enormous black beak, with which to devour prey.

Bankai Abilities: The Kraken is summoned. The beast can fight and has these abilities.
- The kraken has enormous strength; able to crush a bus like an aluminum can.
- Its tentacles have powerful suction cups that can attach to something and is difficult to let go.
- Can eat things by swallowing them and letting them digest in its stomach.
- Thick leathery skin able to resist attacks.

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PostSubject: Re: Helžręll Sjórdżr- Ęgirdór   Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:58 am

approved nice monsters

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