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 The elder of Squad 5 Seigen Suzunami

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Seigen Suzunami

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PostSubject: The elder of Squad 5 Seigen Suzunami   Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:58 pm

Name: Seigen Suzunami

Kanji: 朱司波征源

Race: Shinigami

Gender: Male

Hair: Dark Red
Previous Occupation Captain of the 5th Division

Shikai Shiden
Bankai Unknown

First Hollow Form

Previous Partner Sōsuke Aizen
Aizen eventually fuses Seigen with a Menos Grande after Seigen requests for a way to get rid of his emotions. In this form, Seigen has a gigantic body, pale white skin, glowing red eyes, a long red mane, Hollow mask remnants covering the upper right side of his face, and a partially opened Hollow hole in the center of his chest. He is still clothed in his Shinigami uniform, but they have become tattered upon this transformation. In this form, Seigen has no rational thought and is unable to speak fluently; however, he is still able to recognize the presence of his sister, Konoka Suzunami.

Cero: Being fused with a Menos, Seigen is able to fire violet-colored Cero blasts. Seigen can fire a barrage of Ceros, which, according to Ulquiorra Cifer, lasts almost forever in theory. He can also fire his Ceros upward, which later rain down on his opponents.

Claw Extension: Seigen is capable of extending the claws on his hands.

Electricity Enhanced Attacks: Seigen is able to augment his physical attacks by channeling electricity through his arms.

High-Speed Regeneration: Seigen is capable of regeneration; however, the full extent of this ability is unknown.

Shisui Mirror: Aizen later states that Seigen is capable of using the Shisui Mirror, but had to have his spiritual makeup changed first, and by fusing him with a Menos Grande, they were able to change his spiritual makeup to something similar to Konoka Suzunami, enabling him to use the mirror in this form.

Second Hollow Form

After being abandoned by Aizen and being defeated by Matsuri Kudō, Fujimaru Kudō, and Shiyo, three other Menos Grande appear, and Seigen feeds on them. He also merges with the Shisui Mirror, which turns him into a large serpent-like creature with black tentacles, and a large mirror placed in the center of his body.

Cero: Seigen is able to fire a large yellow Cero from his mouth.

Electricity Generation: Seigen can generate electricity through his head and electrocute anything it touches when he does so.

Tentacles: In this form, Seigen has many black tentacles, which have mouths and teeth. These tentacles are very powerful, having both powerful physical attacks, and are able to fire yellow Cero blasts.

First Hollow

Second Hollow

(All these stuff are real from bleach wiki read the real history there of old captin of squad 5)
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PostSubject: Re: The elder of Squad 5 Seigen Suzunami   Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:36 pm

I remember the game this was from. The last level against the second hollow form was too easy though.
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The elder of Squad 5 Seigen Suzunami
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