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PostSubject: aiai   Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:00 pm



skills: great at offense and stratiges ok with poor with kido very poor on defensive

appearace:navtive american white eyes 5ft 6in wears traditoal indian clothes

background: native american twin to nini(nini is QB#83 when he creates him) they are werewolves they went on their spirt quest and where attacked by hallows they would have died if it had been for their love of each other in a brotherly way this awoken the spirt energy and almost became hallows themselves but became soul reapers at the last second but did not know it they learned that they where one and the same just split in two but that did not bother them at all they would rather be two people that needed each other than one their tribe considered them to be guardians of their tribe till one day a visguard came and taught them how to become one only they didnt know about visguards he told them that it was training to remove their hallows inside of them and turning them back into humans they learned of the desiet to late and had became visguards themselves and that they could never be part of the soul socity this sent them into a blood rage and they killed the visguard and anyone around them after they came to the tribe shaman cursed them to be werewolves for the rest of their lives because they killed those they swore to protcet shund by the soul socity and their tribe they swore to bring the world and soul soicty to its knees

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