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PostSubject: Ryu   Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:27 pm

-Name: Ryu
-Race: Vizard
-Rank: No alliance, just likes to help here and there
-Age: 300 but looks likes he's 20
-Personality: Seemingly calm and collected, but once starts battling, becomes very aggressive and resorts to anything to win
-Background: He was murdered by his best friend so that he and Ryu's wife could be together and Ryu nearly turned into a Hollow, but was saved by Soul Reaper and decided to become a Soul Reaper himself one day. He worked very hard and eventually made it into the ranks and became a liutenant, but then someone from the Shinigami research institue decided to test an experiment on him and turned him into a Vizard. Not knowing who was responsible, he thought he was turnin back into a Hollow and Ran away from the Soul Society not informing anyone and banished himself to Hueco Mundo where he learned how to control his Vizard self and can stay in Vizard form for several hours before turning back.
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