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 Tidal Blade (Aka Awesomeness)

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PostSubject: Tidal Blade (Aka Awesomeness)   Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:42 pm

Name: Tidal Sword (Katana)

Element: Water Based


Shikai Chant: "Rise like the tides... Tidal!"

Shikai Appearance: The Katana splits into two separate Blades, One Black and One White, both the same size. When using the last move of the Shikai the blades fuse into a a green blade thats a bit longer.

Shikai Powers:
Tides: The White sword controls the shape and form of water, while the Black sword controls the temperature. Both swords are required to move water around, but if one blade is knocked away Mizu will still have slight control, but slower.
Howl: When he clashes his blades together they create water from air and depending on how close the opponent is he can even suck the air from their lungs to make water or turn the air into water drowning them.
Formula: This is where his Blade differs from other water based zanpakuto. When Mizu combines his two Katana's he not only combines the powers of both katana's, he gains the ability to change water into any liquid based substance. But he can't turn the liquid into solid or gas, so the ability to make Ice or Gas is lost for the moment. This power goes well with Kido based attacks which is perfect for him.

Shiaki Spirit: A black wolf with white eyes or a white wolf with black eyes, it changes it's form from time to time. The Wolf keeps a Katana on it's back and walks on all fours. It has two scars on it's eyes and always keeps them closed unless Mizu is in trouble.

Bankai Appearance: His blades fuse into one big buster blade like weapon that changes colors depending on the compounds using. Blue-Liquid Red-Gas Brown-Solid and Yellow-Plasma. He also gains a long white lad coat.

Bankai Powers: His Katana can now control any compound switching from them rapidly and even controlling two at a time. Gases are the easiest to control requiring limited SE, Liquids are a bit harder and require more thought, but Solids are completely complicated. Since Solids require the atoms to be slowed and non moving, this requires a massive amount of SE to maintain. Plasma is a rare ability that he can only use every other battle, which is why he avoids using until he absolutely has to.

Bankai Spirit: A beautiful fare skinned woman wearing glasses with brown hair and a curvy body with almost glowing green eyes. She's wearing a white lab coat and has in one hand a giant book and the other a giant sword.
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PostSubject: Re: Tidal Blade (Aka Awesomeness)   Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:56 pm

Approved you must read the manga to know the different spirits of the blade

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