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 Assault Katana

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PostSubject: Assault Katana   Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:38 pm

Name: Assault


Shikai Chant: Take Em Out...

Shikai Appearance:
The sword becomes longer and glows black.

Shikai Powers: Assault can use the abilities of different types of weapons...
Pistol- Fast Stabs, Good for Mid-Ranged (can use energy stretch and stab out further)
Machine Gun- Multiply Fast Stabs
Shotgun- Energy widespread attacks, Short Ranged
Grenade- Powerful Strikes, Short Ranged
Missles- Energy Blast, Long Ranged
The Nuke (or Fat Man)- A huge energy Attack that explodes everything in a Mile radius, can also become a destructive sword attack. Keal's Final move.

Shikai Spirit:
Assault is a beautiful woman in army gear holding an M-16 Assault rifle. She's as hotheaded as Keal (if not more) and forces him into battle. If he chooses not to fight, she chooses not to give him her powers when he needs it. Which is why everytime Mizu and Keal meet they have to draw swords so Tidal can calm her. She loves Mizu, but hates his Bankai spirit. Her and Keal have an close passionate relationship and rely on each other closely.

Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Powers:
Weapontry: When activates metal bands cover Keals arms and knees which are held together by reitsu which gives him power and the cost of a little bit of speed (but can still use Hoho and if dropped can gain speed back) From those metal bands he can converge his reitsu into energy beams shaped like the weapons he used in his shikai.
Airstrike: Keal fires two shots into the air which dispersed quickly and explode firing hundreds of energy bombs that cover an area of 3 miles. The attacks can level an entire area and expose and quickly destroy and hiding opt.
Marine: His sword glows black and he gains a large sum of power, losing more speed. His power is enough to slice through an entire skyscraper with a flick of the wrist.
Target: His Final Move. He tosses his sword into the air and controls it, aimming it at an opt. He then fires a huge beam of pure reitsu which is about 80 feet wide and can shoot up to a mile away. The beam is VERY destructive and when used takes most of his energy. He can also make this move into a final sword attack which would be like a suicide attack, harming him as well.

Bankai Spirit:
A mecha, his Bankai spirit had little words to say and only appears to him when needed.

Hollows Name: JAH (The Name of an African God)

Mask Apperance:

Mask Powers:
* Enhanced Speed
* Enhanced Spiritual Power
* Enhanced Stamina
* Enhanced Strength
* Cero Usage
* Mask Protection
* Power Augmentation

While Wearing the Mask Keal can use Duel Ceros and even a Grand Rey Cero.

Personality: JAH is a prideful, dark being. With little words his actions speak clearer than anything he could ever say. Keal has a hard time controlling him and has to bribe the Hollow to keep it under control. The bribes are usually intense fight with Assault and Keal versus JAH.
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Assault Katana
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