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 The real Bloody Mary

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PostSubject: The real Bloody Mary   Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:21 pm

Note: This character is mainly going to be used with major plots, and events. As well as things to do with the Midnight flower. So I won't be using her to fight very often, only if she is attacked first. Also if you choose to deny her because of the power, I understand.

Name: Helena- no last name

Age: unknown 5000+


Rank: not affiliated. Vasto Lorde

Gender: female


Helena takes on the appearance of a young girl, about the age of 8-10. She has long silver hair, and large orange eyes. She always wears a white dress, in the Victorian fashion. She has no hollow remains, being as evolved/ancient as she is.

Personality: Despite her looks, Helena is very old and wise. She can tell everything of a person, just through their eyes. Some even go as far as to say that she can see into your soul. She is often dark and brooding, often contemplating the meaningless of life. She does not care about the troubles of soul society, or hueco mundo. She only cares about herself and her objectives. She hates when people think they can order her around. She is very charismatic, and can easily persuade people to her will. Even though she is a great fighter, and can kill people without a second thought, she prefers to leave them alive. She herself feels tired with life, as she has already experienced an eternity in hell. She enjoys toying with humans, and making them believe things that are untrue.

Skills: Vast reiryoku. Extreme agility and speed. Highly intelligent. Very charismatic, and deceptive(She can change her voice to match her appearance). She has all the normal hollow abilities, and can even preform a fully powered Cero Oscuras with little effort. Her normal cero is a dark green.

History: Helena never knew of her life as a human. She is ancient, and has experienced alot, being there since the brink of civilization. She has played a prominent role, in many cases dealing with superstition, and controversy. She was the starter of the black plague, though she never intended it to spread as far as it did. She was Abagail Williams, one of the girls who were apparently afflicted by witchcraft in the Salem witch trials. She has had a large part in many ghost sightings, and such. Recently however, she has had a run in, with a particular human. She was living in Brazil, when the church decided to do a raid on a reported, witch. Many humans came into her house uninvited which she didn't like, so she merely released her reiatsu, and killed all of them but one. A Girl named Maria stood there unscathed. She was able to stand her presence, so Helena made an effort to not kill her. She was special, and was even able to wound Helena, before she escaped. She then knew, that she could have a little more fun. She waited, and let Maria live, helping her to grow stronger, and interfering if she was in danger of dying. When Maria was old enough, and strong enough to survive an attack from a hollow she acted.

She has a constant release, and her release gives her no special powers other than increased reiryoku, speed, power, etc.

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The real Bloody Mary
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