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PostSubject: Neo   Fri Aug 13, 2010 7:52 pm

Name: Neo Makenshi
Age: 213
Race: Soul Reaper
Rank: 2nd squad anything really available.
Appearance:Avy is always best
Personalty:Neo is a very serious person one who has little or no ties to those that he works with, mainly because of this he is alone because he knows when ever someone reaches out they are gifted with only sadness. Despite this Neo is a gifted combatant as he thinks of the battlefield like a game of chess requiring only a set number of moves to win. Often using the phrase "checkmate" when dealing the final blow. As a person though he keeps up a semi-cheerful atmosphere as he goes about his day.
Background: Neo was brough up in Feudal Japan around 1609-1628 and thus was brought up on the ideals that a finely tuned force was an unbeatable thing. but his life was cut shor so he grew up mainly in the soul societyliving well as comfortable as it gets in the rukon district not that comfortable at all. but it was not before long that he was (recruited) by the soul reaper academy, to you guessed it become a soul reaper something about latent reishi and all that.
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