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 Christopher the 3rd alter of Neo

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Neoroku KoKo
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PostSubject: Christopher the 3rd alter of Neo   Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:04 pm

name: Christopher KoKo

age: same age as Koni only a lot much handsomer

gender: Male

personality: Christopher doesnt care about anything except fooling around but when it comes down to battle he is the smartest around being that he has helped george washington and many other kings and emporers in their conquest!

appearance: Christopher only wears a spandex wet suit something similar to james bond for surfing ^^

Skillzz: Being the alter ego of neo doesnt mean he cant escape his mind and keep part of neos essence.. Christopher has several abilities
Aegis shield:A shield capable of taking most hits but can be absorbed by Christopher who then joins with koni who then joins with neo to form a near perfect defense to stop their Reiatsu from being absorbed
Aegis Sword: A sword that is sharpened with christophers reiatsu to the point where anything within an inch of the blade will be instantly cut
Aegis language: A Language only undestandable to Neo and koni and their "Friends" When the words incanted are said the Aegis cocoon will shoot christopher out and then create an explosion capable of affecting a radius of 30miles wide and 10 miles deep, This is only aloud to be used once per battle as it drains chris down to 10% of his reiatsu

History/Background:All that is known is he is somehow older than neo

I just dont know anymore.. Does she..?
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PostSubject: Re: Christopher the 3rd alter of Neo   Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:22 pm


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Christopher the 3rd alter of Neo
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