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 Application Of Aika

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PostSubject: Application Of Aika   Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:24 pm

Name: Aika (愛佳 - Love Song) Chiyoko(千代子 - Child of a Thousand Generations)

Age: 31 (Not actual age, just the one told by others.)

Real Age: 62 in Spirit Years, 24 in Reality When Killed.

Race: Shinigami

Rank: Rogue (H-Rank Shinigami (Just Below Captain))


Aika is a more dark matured feel about her due to her own beliefs, and the close spiritual connection with her weapon, and her attack nature of choice. While seen, she wears a darkened robe like skirt, and a basic high collared shirt with a few modifications. Her right eye is covered by either her hair, or a small eye patch that covers it up. She is a very controlled height at a simple five foot, two inches, and barely over one hundred pounds, she may seem to be smaller but has a temper that could outmatch anyone.

Aika is very ill-tempered if annoyed, and will show it without a single warning. She is very kind when she wants to be, and a total bitch the next moment, even though she is a mood swinger, she will show her true feelings if she has grown to like you. Even thought she seems to be a mean heated person, she will easily stand up to fight for someone she cares about or just if she grows bored.

Additional Information:
She wields a weirdly colored tattoo of the number 92 on her right hand.
Her favorite food is rice dumplings.
Has been seen to suddenly drift off into nothingness.

Quote: Those who stand to gain nothing are those who fight for nothing.


Name: Kido Art # Sixty-Two: Striking Darkness Spear
Chant : In the chanting light of my soul, the tilled bucket awoke, and strike with my power.

Range: 4 Meters

Description: This is a basic kido much like the kido known as Byakurai, only instead of a single spark of spiritual energy escaping the fingertip of the caster, a large burst of shadow like energy erupts from the palm on the user. Though the range is not that great, it has massive power, and can be used to counter act another attack on the user by forcing the energy to collide, and simply fade.
Cooldown : 4 Posts

Name: Hadō #31. Shakkahō (赤火砲)
Chant : Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"

Range: Unknown

Description: The user fires a sphere of powerful, crimson energy at the foe.
Cooldown : 1 Posts

Name: Hadō #88. Hiryugekizokushintenraiho (飛竜撃賊震天雷砲)
Chant : Unknown

Range: Unknown

Description: Fires a gigantic electric blast of spiritual energy resulting in a truly enormous explosion
Cooldown : 10 Posts

Name: Hadō #21. Single Firing Ball
Chant : Look upon the true face, of those who speak for whom I am!

Range: 8 Meters

Description: Fires out a massive amount of spiritual energy from the finger tips of the caster, it then quickly takes the form of a mace ball. Once it makes contact with any object, it erupts into a massive explosion but causes no real damage. It is mainly a showy attack.
Cooldown : 3 Posts

Name: Hadō #123. Dancing Shadow Hands
Chant : Those who protect me, can not harm me for they will be a simple lie to themselves.

Range: 18 Meters

Description: This is a simple move used to negate attacks against the caster, they release a large amount of spiritual energy, and form it into the shape of many hands surrounding the user. This Hado is known to last for a long period of time, as long as the caster does not move.
Cooldown : 5 Posts

Name: Shunpo (Flash-Step)
Chant : None

Range: Any

Description: This is the shinigami move called Shunpo, the instant movement caused by a sudden increase in spiritual energy, and control.
Cooldown : 1 Posts

Sword Based Moves (Kenjutsu)

Name: Moonlight Wave

Description : This is a move that closely relates to Ichigo's Crimson Moon Cutter but is a much more ranged form of it, in exchange for power, it gains a wider range of motion to the attack in order to lessen the chance of a actual successful dodge of the attack, or more importantly is used mainly for the defense against ranged attacks or to gain range herself.
Cooldown : 2 Posts

Name: Single Cutting Edge

Description : Much like the move moonlight wave, this is a defensive attack based entirely on overpowering the attack of the enemy, and forcing it back at them but due to her aggressive manner while fighting, it was changed into a much more powerful form of moonlight wave, due to the decreased range, and wide area of the attack, it allowed more energy to be placed at a single point increasing the power dramatically.
Cooldown: 3 Posts


Name : Buraindo (Blind)
Call : In shifting movement, the nature of one becomes as the shadow's move. No longer in the path of the truth, but in a simple lie. Come forth....

Appearance: No change at all in the sword, but the hilt becomes slightly smaller, and has a more darkened appearance to it.

Ability :
This sword has no real ability other then a small increase in the user's overall normal abilities, such as a slight boost in speed, power, and overall defense, and spiritual skills. (Think 5% increase in everything) This release also allows the user a easier control over their abilities, forcing her spells to take less time to cooldown. (1 Turn)


Name : Burdaindo Idou (Blind Movement)
Call : It is now time, awaken my dear friend.

Appearance: The sword's blade grows slightly longer, and more jagged at the first two inches of the blade. The hilt also grows slightly longer, and more slim. It also grows a small tassel wrapped around the edge of the blade, and the bottom of the blade curves slightly along with the hilt, which grows a very small chain that wraps around her arm.

This ability is slightly different then the previous form, instead of boosting the overall power of the user. It raises just one main attribute of the user, the spiritual energy, and control. It dramatically increases the user's spiritual energy reserves, and decreases the strain of spells placed on the user. (2 Turn Cut On The Cooldown Of Skills) This can be seen by the sudden engulfment of spiritual energy of the user, as it becomes see-able, and forms a rather noticeable aura around them.

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PostSubject: Re: Application Of Aika   Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:49 pm

reming me not to piss her off. Aproved

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Application Of Aika
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