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 Direct invasion.

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Brandon Maboroshi


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PostSubject: Direct invasion.   Thu Dec 08, 2011 5:25 am

the remnants of Aizen's forces harnessed the wasted reatsu of multiple battles adding it to their own becoming nearly acended beings like brandon was. he waited alone in the furthest reaches of the rukon district where the border of the dimension blurrs with others. these new arrancars powers rivaled his one on one but 10 appeared, new espada. he stood unmoving sensing a young power of a true acended being but thats not possible... how could someone so young achieve a power ive been close to for decades at such a young age. i thought quietly as the substitute appeard next to me. stay back! i can handle this. he drew his sword from his back. BAN KAI! his reatsu vanished to all but brandon and the new espada. NOT ON YOUR LIFE YOU INFANT im a warrior of the soul king hand picked to be the captain of his royal guard. you may be stronger than me but im better than you at fighting i wont tell you to stand down but at least let me take five of them to enjoy myself. brandon was enraged that this impudent brat had the nerve to tell him to back off but brandon understood where he was coming from. he sensed a desire to protect all who existed, something brandon never had... the espada called out their full powers and brandon only called out his shikai but it was different than normal almost as if it had the memory of an endless battle that rages for millenia. they all vainshed as the ten divided to attack the substitue and brandon.

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