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 Brad (Efi's Brother)

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PostSubject: Brad (Efi's Brother)   Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:18 pm

Name: Brad Nothing else he doesnt like other names, His real name is Lukas but only his sister and parents can call him that without him losing his temper.
Age: 1 (looks 17)
Race: unsure His relation ship with his father hasnt yealded any facts about his or Efi's race as they are the first
Appearance: 17 yearold male with short black hair that sometimes glows golden when he is angry. he always has a large black book he is reading from and the face of a child. Long fangs always show past his lips and if anyone askes he relpies. i was born with them. His body structure resembles brandon's in shape but he is not muscled yet meaning his arms and legs are stringy. unless he powers up...

Powers: Hidden, he never speaks about them except with his twin Efi.

Weakness: Any gtirl strong enough to know he is not human or his twin.

Fears: His father's hidden powers and demonologists

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Brad (Efi's Brother)
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