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 Yui Shimizu

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PostSubject: Yui Shimizu   Sun Jun 10, 2012 7:26 am

Name: Yui Shimizu
Age: 16
Race: Soul Reaper(Half-Hollow)
Appearance:Yui's hair is blonde, messy and short coming down to just above his chin. His hair is kept in no normal order as part of his bang hangs down between his eyes and two other pieces of his bang hangs on the side of his face. His eyes are a dark blue color, similar to the oceans color which deceivingly gives him an almost calm appearance. He has wide dark eyes and rather long eyelashes for a guy which he is usually complimented on. His skin is white and smooth, free from any blemishes, scars or other noticeable and distinguishing marks. Overall, he appears very child like, mostly in the face. He is slender, yet he is fairly muscular.

Yui doesn't wear ordinary shinigami attire, his clothes are more appropriate for the world of the living. He wears a white shirt, a button up which he buttons up all the way to the top save for the very top button. He wears black pants which fits him perfectly, allowing no space for his legs to move inside of them. He keeps his shirt untucked revealing a black belt around his waste with a black and silver skull buckle. He has a red scarf that hangs loosely around his neck and the tails of the scarf reaches all the way down to his ankle, though it never seems to hang flat down. He also wears black fingerless gloves. Adding to his child like appearance, he wears a black witches hat, that he manages to keep on his head no matter what.
Personalty: Whether he is conscious of it or not, Yui is a perfectionist who strives to make every single thing he does perfect. He has a great sense of pride in himself, and in those things that exists because of him(like if he were to have a child). He is so confident in himself that he doesn't waste his skills on things that doesn't appear like it would be much of a challenge for him. He enjoys challenging himself and pushing himself to the limit. Rather than one, he'd prefer to take on multiple strong opponents because it gives him sort of a thrill to be on the edge. He is generally a happy person, and he is very kind and generous to others. However, his kindness has it's limits when it comes to honesty and battles. Yui can be harshly honest, he'd rather crush someone's hopes then have them living a lie.

Despite being kind and happy, in battle, Yui's personality changes drastically. He becomes sadistic and cruel. He takes pleasure from torturing his opponents and vice versa. He enjoys the sight of blood as well as the thrill of a fight and when he experiences both, he becomes reckless and drags the fight out to take as much pleasure from it as he can. This he considers his greatest imperfection because his reckless attitude often gets him into trouble. However, even though he is usually caught up in the excitement of a battle, Yui still has a sense of thought and wouldn't charge into something he thinks he can't handle without a plan or strategy.

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PostSubject: Re: Yui Shimizu   Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:31 pm

when we ask for personality, we ask what kind of a person is he. Be more in depth with it. don't just give a list of attributes, cause those could be very broad, and confusing sometimes. Ask yourself what would I see if I met him, and then what does he actually feel about those topics. We want to know what makes him tick. What are his likes, his dislikes. What angers him the most, what makes him most happy, and excited. Is he usually quiet, or does he chat away at every little thing.

One more thing to consider, is can you play this character. The best characters are those that hold a little of the creator inside him, the creators wants and desires. That way it's easy to role-play, cause your basically putting yourself into a new setting. But don't worry about too many details, so there's room to grow, and improve, Have fun, and we hope to play with you again.

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PostSubject: Re: Yui Shimizu   Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:54 pm

No hating! it says work in progress. luc.

give it time and let them think about how they want to create the character when is says done i will take a look. ut until then no harrassing these character creations are sort of test in its own right to see what kind of characters can exist. scrutiny is a form of opression and i do NOT want imagination to be chained on this site imagination should be free to explore until the end of the creation process. but creationn of a charater is never done. they can change and grow with time.

Shimi. good work so far keep it up. there is no pressure or time limit relax and let your mind wander the world of your imagination and create a powerful character.

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