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 Kuroda vaizard

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PostSubject: Kuroda vaizard   Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:56 am

Name: Kuroda

Age: 287 but looks 20

Gender: male

Division: Vaizard

Seat: swordsmen(Vaizard Lt.)


Personality: sadistic and enjoys slaughtering. He does not care about who he kills and is shown to kill anyone he doesn't like. Yet he will like a normal person to have a conversation with someone. After his hollow appeared he became more lively since he knew he had a darker side.

When Kuroda was born, people said it was a blessing, and the parents were extremely grateful that they have a child. However the priests in the village said he was a bad omen and could not be allowed to live. A long discussion was held and was told the child would be taken from the parents and into the service of the priest if the child was to be saved.

10years later
The boy was a quiet and noble student of the priests and was a respected member of the community. Things could not have turned any better for our hero. During one day the priests told him to walk the sacred pilgrimage walk and find divine freedom. Soon as he said his farewells, he began his journey to the unknown. However shortly as he reached the hill overlooking the town he saw the small village in flames. He ran with all his might hoping to help, to save to do anything for the people. But by the time he arrived there was nothing he could do. He saw the priests bodies cut like dogs. As he proceeded to find any survivors he saw two people lying beside each other, holding hands and with decapitated heads. He approached slowly and brushed against something and realized it was his father head. Dread and despair rolled into his body like a wave hitting the shores. Crying poor Kuroda had nothing left and wanted only one thing. Revenge. He hears people talking and he ran to see and noticed the raiders drinking to there slaughter. Kuroda ran at them with full speed yelling at the top of his lungs that he would kill them. Alas the boy was beaten to a pulp and while the raiders continued hitting the boy, Kuroda thought of how unfair his life has become, why people died the way they died, but mostly why is he so weak. Time for him suddenly froze. The raiders stood watching at him and smiling but did not breathe nor move. Kuroda stood confused and heard a strange whisper. "DO U WANT POWER TO SAVE YOURSELF?Ē Kuroda looked around still baffled at the voice and decided to speak to the unknown. "NO! I WANT POWER SO THAT I WILL KILL THOSE THAT I HATE".....a strong wind blew in front of him and saw a red dragon flying towards him. "THEN POWER YOU WILL HAVE, YOU MAY PROVE TO BE MY WIELDER"...And like that the noise of the dragon was gone and the raiders moved again only this time hitting the ground. baffled they look around and see Kuroda a little away from them holding a blade. Kuroda turns to face them and only smiles.....for there deaths were the first of many.

Shinigami Years: Being quiet during his time at the academy he proved to be a skilled fighter but lacked in the kido area and only favored 4 techniques. As he waits for his trail to be known which division he would be placed, a smile creeps on his face. Knowing full well. That only the beginning.
Kuroda past always haunted him in his new life, but as well the memories he has shared with everyone during his time with soul society. He served with 3rd squad and as a result became very skilled in many ways as reaper. During his training he even achieved bankia even though he was 3rd seat. He kept his hidden power a secret and could see that during his time he could challenge even a captain for power. Yet he didnít, for the animal he truly was he had respect for his leaders. Yet he always knew he was a brutal animal when it came to killing. He enjoyed fighting and killing then spending time with his friends. Finally after months of hard work he was promoted to vice captain. His friends we happy for him and so was he and even more happy when he joined the ranks of his fellow friend Gray. Together they became an unstoppable force. Killing multiple hollows they were a force to reckon with. There journey continued to be fruitful but all things came to an end. He was transferred to the newly rebuilt 13th squad because his skills would benefit the squad. Or so he was told. He believed that he was simply enjoying his time with his captain a little too much. Yet Kuroda still obeyed his orders and followed them to the letter. After meeting his new captain, Ace, he felt awkward. The captain resembled a killing aura, but prefers to be all business like. Time, precision, PAPER WORK. Thing Kuroda hated, yet endured. Lately he stayed inside his squad barracks not feeling thrilled to go outside. Yet something inside his as well was different. He was slowly changing, to something new. He thought he was becoming a real soul reaper, but he was becoming something far more cruel and vicious.

Rp sample:

Kuroda was sweating from his usual training exercise but he felt something was wrong.*why am I so tried?* He thought carefully if he blacked out using one of his old techniques, but he didnít. He continued to practice moving fast in his bankia form but still could not conjure the strength he needed.*WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG, IM BETTER THEN THIS*. Shouting he began to fight an imaginary opponent. Slowly he picked up his pace and fought, still nothing was getting there. His power seemed weaker and weaker. He closed his eyes and the figure he was fighting slowly took form of Dark, his old sparring partner. Anger soared from his mind thinking exactly what dark would say. Weak, pathetic, to think I respected you. Kuroda screamed so loud but after he yelled he stopped and closed his mouth. He looked around tried to figure a puzzle that just has occurred. Why did he just hear a hollow scream? *Finally your slowly reaching for me* Kuroda turned again looking to who said it but the voice quickly disappeared. Kuroda shook a little with fear. What spooked him so much was not only the fact he screamed like a hollow. But as well he a new voice he never heard. He shook his head, *I must keep this secret from everyone.* A little shaken up he ran back inside his room and quickly wished for sleep. But instead of sleep, he was about to experience a nightmare far beyond he ever experienced.
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PostSubject: Re: Kuroda vaizard   Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:12 pm

looks good to me

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Kuroda vaizard
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