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PostSubject: hellhound(finshed)   Sun Jul 08, 2012 1:09 pm

name: x-459/hellhound

age: 17


Personality:hellhound is very much like the creature he has named himself after manily because he is. He loves the thrill of hunting his “prey” and will not stop until his mission is complete or he gets a better pay from his prey. mike is a master manipulator and loves to turn friends against each other. When he first fights someone he will normally use it as a test fight if it is his target and they hold some promise of a hunt. He is very tactical in battle and will use his surroundings to his advantage and example would be kicking hot coals in your face if they are around. Hell hound does have anger issues due to his animal side this can lead him to be sloppy due to having to fight with his human and hellhound instincts.


Hellhound is a wolf human hybrid his fur is a midnight black with red markings. These include the red line under his right eye and the two that interwine to behind his head above his right eye. He also has two red squiggle line on his abdomen. His tail has a red swirl in the middle and framed by the red tip of his tail. Mike has silver eyes and the white part of the eye is black instead. Mike wears no shirt but does wear a high collar black over coat that has white strips on the shoulders then curves dow to the back and to the front in branches he also has a red katana with a black grip(see zanpakto for details) strapped to his back. He wears black pants and black combat boots and a brown leather belt. on his left arm is his name x-459 he was give by the project sicentist

Background: Hellhound and his brother shadowwolf(will be made later) were twins raised to be experments in project hellhound they where to make the myth real to be used as weapons of war the project was scraped and the experments killed but by a stroke of irony where the project failed in life it succeeded in death hellhound soul was part wolf due to the gentic modification of his and his brothers dna. Sadly the brothers fates split from there while hellhound was able to leave the anger and rage of what was done to him behinde him and avoid being tied to the place of his torment his brother was not though he stayed with his brother soul to keep it company his brother encourged him to go explore the outside world he had found out about because he was able to leave the underground labortory that they where kept in. Hellhound was found by a shimigai and sent to soul socity to where he became a soul reaper and took the name hellhound. Later he went back to the lab to free his brother of his chains so he could join him in soul socity When he went back to the lab he was attacked by his now hallow brother who was now enraged at what he thought was his brother abandoning him to the fate of becoming a hallow due to the fact that he had been to late.

race:soul reaper

rank:none yet I want to earn it

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PostSubject: Re: hellhound(finshed)   Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:24 pm

approved, very creative.

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