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 hellhound's zanpakuto

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PostSubject: hellhound's zanpakuto   Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:06 am

OOC:sorry if the pics do not match descriptions 100% these pics where the closes to what I wanted

name:bloody wolf

sealed forum:

a blood red katana with black wrapping around the hilt from hilt to blade it is 30 inches

release saying: hunt they prey and feast upon their blood bloody wolf


the katana changes to a ninthenth century einghlish sword the red blade deepens in color the hand guard become two wolf heads the black wraping becomes the color of the hilt and a wolfs claw holds a crimson ruby.

abilities: hellhound now has the control of a black fire that coats his sword and can will it into a ball to fire it at high speed at an enemy he can also raise the sword and spin creating a falme tornado and control where it goes. He can also send a large arc of fire at an enemy but can not change dericetion. when the flames hit something they burn it very quickly how ever the flames can not melt a zanpakuto they only cause second degree burns when in contact with an opponet(to avoid over powering the blade if you think third degree would be to much?) hellhound can charge spirt energy into the ruby and send out a temorary blinding light but does not work if target has eyes close

bankia: the sword becomes two red wolf guantletes with claws the ruby now becomes the eyes in the guantletes the wolfs head are on the wrist area of the guantletes making it look like the claws where coming out of the wolfs mout

abilities: still has the fire control only can now summon five fire samuria wolfs see pic of zanpakuto spirt for what they look like(below this) he can now charge and shoot lazers out of the wolf head eyes

zanpakuto spirit:

world: hellhounds world is a forest on fire as far as the eye can see under a high clift that he stands on with a full moon high in the night sky shining in to bloody wolfs den causing when ever the wolf exits his cave his armor flashes in the moon light
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PostSubject: Re: hellhound's zanpakuto   Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:24 pm

aproved, nice app, and the fire is not op, it's perfectly fine

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hellhound's zanpakuto
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