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 Puda Lenne AKA: Bryant Lennex

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PostSubject: Puda Lenne AKA: Bryant Lennex   Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:04 am

Name: Puda lenne(pooh da len) AKA: Bryant
Age: 22
weight: unknown around 310lbs
height: 5'11", 6'1"
Personality: nervous but tries to hide it when being social, tends to ramble during conversation going off on tangents changing the subject. smokes weed as much as possible to releie stress and ignore pain. mediocre at martial arts but scared to show it for fear of hurting his sparring partner. like most music especially techno or slow jazz for setting a mood. VERY pervy but hides it for the sake of self protection. bored all the time but satisfied just sitting training meditating and sitting next to a creek near his house and smoking or just listening to the 8 foot waterfalll up stream. play electronic games and loves the company of women and tends to talk alot when excited or having fun. outwardly good and een inside but deep down an evil in is heart scares him and makes him shy and nervous. likes to listen to others all the time and will wait as long as possible before responding(sometimes being shorter than a minute. but mostly longer than half aminute)

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