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 Yuurei Schiffer

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Hatake Takashi


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PostSubject: Yuurei Schiffer   Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:51 am

Name: Yuurei Schiffer
Age: 210 (looks 21)
Race: Arrancar
Rank: Espada
Personalty: Yuurei is cold and is usually the most calm of everyone else, he carries the zanpakutou of his father, the zanpakutou named Reirioku. The zanpakutou has had many experiences with Yuurei. Yuurei would kill anyone who stands in his way, and is heartless when it comes to humans. Willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they ever get in his way, he refers to anyone he does not find interesting as "trash" and treats them as expendable. His cold demeanor allows him to stay completely calm and in control in most situations.

History: Yuurei has fought countless battles and has defeated some arrancar in battle, although he has been told he is just lucky, he knows he has a talent in fighting. In his release Yuurei speaks much less and states that he could never lose.

From very early on he was shown to be a master of Sonido, which has only improved with time. He is an adept with both Bala and Pesquila, though he rarely tends to use them. His Hierro isn't the strongest, and he can only travel short distances with his Garganta, not much can be said for his hand-to-hand combat skills either. However, his mastery of the sword and Cero are some of the most deadly ever seen in an Arrancar. His sword skills continue to become sharper due to years of practise in the desert of Hueco Mundo, and are on par with some of the higher level Espada. His control over Cero is second to none, and is able to release powerful bursts that can reach long distances and cause a large area of damage. When in his Ressureccion, he is able to use both Gran Rey Cero and Cero Oscuras, techniques limited to only the Espada, further hinting towards that his power is on par or surpasses many of them.

Swordplay Master - Perfected sword skills that allows him to cut almost anything, as well as out maneuverer opponents. Combined with speed and reaitsu, makes him a master at swordplay.

Sonido Master - Most experience and power is derived from his speed. Fast enough to leave afterimages. Mastered skill stemmed own unique style known as Roto Sonido.

Cero Expert - Originally quite weak. Training with Ulquiorra as strengthened density and force. Knowledge of this allowed him the use of both Cero Oscuras and Gran Rey Cero.

Reaitsu Expert - Large amount of reaitsu that is able to be concealed and released explosively. Release of reaitsu occurs when angered, resulting in powerful shockwaves.

Strength: High

Endurance: Average

Speed: Vast

Agility: High

Intelligence: High

Spiritual Power Immense

Please approve, this took a while. Crying or Very sad There might be a few mistakes here and there.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuurei Schiffer   Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:51 pm

smells like ullquiorra's bro. eh it can't hurt to approve.

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