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 Yuurei's Abilities

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Hatake Takashi


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PostSubject: Yuurei's Abilities   Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:02 pm

Name: Fade To Black

Description: A katana with a pitch-black blade and white handle. Guard is circular, dark in colour, with three crescent shaped holes indented into it.


Ability: Escalata Sinfornia (Scarlet Symphony): Signature technique that only grows n strength the more Xenethis evolves in power. Similar in appearance to the techniques used by Ichigo Kurosaki and Kisuke Urahara. Creates a crimson wave energy that cuts and vaporizes on contact.

Roto Sonido No. 1: Sombra Caída (Broken Sound No. 1: Fallen Shadow): Combines a single long-distance sonido step with a quick draw of the zanpakutou while shrouded in the energy of Escalata Sinfornia, resulting in a single but deep swipe.

Roto Sonido No. 2: Blanco Espejo (Broken Sound No. 2: White Mirror): A technique used to avoid fatal strikes. Creates miniature sonido steps while remaining still in order to create a mirror-image that takes the strike in place of an enemy.

Roto Sonido No. 3: Araña Roja (Broken Sound No. 3: Red Spider): Makes precise strikes on the enemy while remaining in close proximity as possible to the enemy. Escalata Sinfornia surrounds the blade to distract and double the damage.

Roto Sonido No. 4: Pálido Sol (Broken Sound No. 4: Pale Sun): Creates a "flash-bang" effect by overloading the zanpakutou with the reaitsu of Escalata Sinforina. This creates a soundless and sightless void that allows a single yet deadly strike.

Roto Sonido No. 5: Carmesí Luna (Broken Sound No. 5: Crimson Moon): Uses the maximum speed of Sonido to create as many "steps" as possible, resulting in several after-images of the user. While surrounding the opponent, several miniature but condensed Eslcalata Sinfornia are released from all angles.

Swordplay Master - Perfected sword skills that allows him to cut almost anything, as well as out maneuverer opponents. Combined with speed and reaitsu, makes him a master at swordplay.

Sonido Master - Most experience and power is derived from his speed. Fast enough to leave afterimages. Mastered skill stemmed own unique style known as Roto Sonido.

Cero Expert - Originally quite weak. Training with Ulquiorra as strengthened density and force. Knowledge of this allowed him the use of both Cero Oscuras and Gran Rey Cero.

Reaitsu Expert - Large amount of reaitsu that is able to be concealed and released explosively. Release of reaitsu occurs when angered, resulting in powerful shockwaves.

Gran Ray Cero (Great King's Hollow Flash): A far more powerful version of the original Cero. Unlike Grimmjow's attack, it is a blend of both red and blue in colour, and has four reiatsu tendrils that branch out.

Cero Oscuras (Dark Hollow Flash): The most powerful form that a Cero can reach. Unlike Ulquiorra's attack, there is no green outline around the edge.
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Brandon Maboroshi


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PostSubject: Re: Yuurei's Abilities   Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:53 pm

okay youre dead serious. so be it approed.

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