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 Vampiro -Maria Arujo

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PostSubject: Vampiro -Maria Arujo   Fri May 10, 2013 5:11 pm

Normal Abilities:
Maria has all the normal hollow abilities, hierro, cero, bala, sonido, pesquisa, and high-speed regeneration.

Maria carries an old handgun. Her gun can normally fire bala santamente, as well as arrancar bala if she channels it into the barrel. Her gun also acts like an arrancar's zanpakuto, sealing her ressurecion inside of it. She has the same abilities as other arrancar. She is able to fire cero, bala, sonido, hierro, pesquisa. Her cero is charged from the tip of her right middle finger(or the gun). it is dual spiraled and is red-orange with a purple outline.

Her release phrase is "Bebida Vampiro.(drink vampire)" Her nails grow into claws, her hair twines into braids and she gets saggy wrinkled skin. In this form she is dressed in rags.

Maria has become the thing that she hunted for so many years, a vampire(not a Bount). She can drink the blood of people(shinigami and hollow alike), and doing so gives her strength. By in-taking someone's blood she can learn genetic information about them like diet, power level, race, etc. er own blood is highly acidic and corrosive, and when it is split it can dissolve most materials. (she does not burn in sunlight(though she prefers it dark))

Full Resurrección: (not a segunda etapa. this is more of a full manifestation, whereas the previous one is only partial)
Maria focuses her energy into her gun, and fires it into the air. The bullet explodes a few feet from her and a black liquid like substance covers her. She emerges as a being of shadow. [picture] Her eyes are red, her ears are pointed, and only her sharp teeth are white. In this form She goes crazy, and starts killing anything within site, including companions. She will not stop till she has killed everything, or has her intense lust for blood quenched.

She has long sharp claws, that can cut through steel like butter, and can penetrate all but the toughest hierro. Her senses are so acute that it is difficult to sneak up on her. Her speed is rarely matched and she can produce a sonido of greater than mach 3, more akin to teleportation than anything. Although she can be hurt by normal means, she ignores blood-loss, and will just ignore any attack, until she can't move anymore. Her biggest weakness, is her frenzy. She can easily be led into a trap, and if there is a huge amount of blood(like a decapitated limb) she will immediately ignore everything else until she has dealt with it.

picture of full release(click to show):

old powers(click to show):

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Vampiro -Maria Arujo
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