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 Toko Kamagaki

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PostSubject: Toko Kamagaki   Mon Apr 07, 2014 3:12 pm

Name: Toko Kamagaki; "The Enslaved One"
Age: 436 (Actual); 35 (Appears)
Race: Hybrid (Soul Reaper - Togabito)
Rank: Captain level
Appearance: Kiro has a rather unique appearance. His physique is that of an athlete. His body is well toned and semi muscular. He stands at about 6'0" tall while weighing about 130 lbs. His skin tone is a dark peach in color which makes him appear as if he's been burned. His hands also have sharp claws instead of finger nails while also having fanged teeth. He appears to look like he is a middle aged man.

His hair is a Snowy white in color with patches that are a soot black. It is long, to the point that it reaches the middle of his back, and appears to be flowing around him like water. He has no bangs to cover his face while his hair appears to be combed back. He also has snowy white beard with spots of a bright red. He has bright silver eyes though he wears an eyepatch over his right eye.

Kiro's outfit is different than the other denizens of hell. He wears the tattered and dusty pants of his soul reaper uniform. He also wears a haori that is similar to a captain's in appearance. Other than the haori then he wears nothing else but the common Tabi sandals all soul reapers wear. Other then that, the only noticeable thing about him is the severs broken chains hanging from his arms and back.

Personality: He was once a kind and caring man. However his tenure in hell has changed him almost completely. He is now cold and brutal to strangers that he crosses. He often views them as tools or trash to be eradicated. Friends and family often brings out what little is left of warm-hearted side. However if they attempt to bring up any of the past they had with him then he will fly into a rage.

In battle he acts according to his foe's strength. If they're weaker then he will toy with them until he gets bored with the fight. If they are equal in strength then he will take a more serious approach while fighting with tactics. If they're stronger then he will give everything he has in an all out attack in an attempt to win even if it's futile.
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Toko Kamagaki
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