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 Fuyu no Hana (Toko's Zanpokuto)

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PostSubject: Fuyu no Hana (Toko's Zanpokuto)   Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:21 am

Name: Fuyu no Hana (Winter Flower)
Description: Fuyu no Hana appears to be a normal Katana when in it's sealed state. The sheathe is red however and tends the cloth wrapped around the hilt is a dusty grey. In it's shikai state; the blade is longer and a icy blue in color. The handle and case remains the same however. When in Bankai the sword is a Dai-Katana. It has about a 3 foot blade with a 1 foot handle. It's blade is still Icy blue but it now has runic symbols engraved into the blade. The cloth on the hilt also turns into a deep purple.
Ability: Fuyu no Hana has the power to create Ice from any source of water. The ice formed usually appears in the form of a flower. In bankai this Ice generating ability is able to create Ice from the moisture in the atmosphere.
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Fuyu no Hana (Toko's Zanpokuto)
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