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Hidden Vizard/Koddy

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PostSubject: /'-._RULES_.-'   Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:46 pm

Dear Guest,

This is a very simplified version of it.

You are NOT allowed on ANY occasion to use any canon Zanpacto.
This means you may not have Ichigo's, nor Byukuya, Zaraki, etc... Zanpacto.

You are NOT allowed to be any of the characters from Bleach.
[ N O - E X C E P T I O N S ]

If you are acting as if you are having one of these, you will be temporarily stripped of your abilities, or your character, Zanpacto, and/or topic will be voided.

Also no using abilities you don't have for the most part. Meaning you can't steal someone elses Bankai/Shikai using your own, or you cannot be a Shinigami using Garganta...
Your moves are strictly yours.

Also some Rp rules added by Moustu

1. You can only rp in one place at a time, I see people in a house while at school. Unless you can split yourself in half you'll be in one place at a time.

2. Please make your post understandable, Make it good enough to read and actually know what your doing.

3. Rping orders are important because it give the other people a chance to react if their under attack or just talking to someone.
Only exception to being able to use both is..[Shall be added Later]

Anything else to be added shall be EDITED in, not posted.

HEAD: Daisuke
NORM: Moustu


Pieces or fragments of known code may be used in the process of making these rules. Please admin, if you feel addressed too, than please PM me, I shall explain.

Time slowly moves faster and faster until it hits what is known as the "End".

Extravagance is earned, Respect is Earned, Money is Earned.
Life is given.
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