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 Witch Hunter

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PostSubject: Witch Hunter   Tue May 04, 2010 4:27 pm

name: Maria Araśjo

age: 73 (looks to be 19)

gender: female

Maria is a harsh straight forward person. if annoyed she will blatantly say it and if it continues she will resort to threats and violence. she has a love for wolves, dogs, and foxes and will go out of the way to make sure they go unharmed. She also participated in witch/vampire hunts. and if the opportunity presents itself she will hunt these "witches"and vampires (possessed humans and demi-hollow). She is passionate about her work, and hates the fact that her abilities have changed her to become more like the creatures she hunts.
In battle she can become a demon, moving fast and getting the hit in before the opponent can even draw there weapon. She prefers point blank shots favoring accuracy and power over her protection.
She has grown a taste for blood(her favorite being human). Blood has to be consumed fairly often for her to keep her strength, and when she goes a while without it she gets headaches and becomes irritable.

she is from Brazil and has long brown hair and brown eyes. she is 5' 3" and weighs 132lbs she is slender and has an athletic build. Maria also has a hollow scar stretching from her shoulder to the middle of her lower back. she wears a red collared shirt and black leather trench coat. she also wears blue jeans and high heeled boots.

Now as an arrancar she looks as she did as a human. She even prefers to wear the same attire instead of the arrancar outfit. Her hollow hole cannot be seen. The only remains from her hollow self are decorative nails from the claws and fangs.

As a child Maria was a sweet girl. She helped her family when needed. and never fought. The family lived on a farm outside Rio de Janeiro and grew enough crops to live free and sell for profit (the area was high in spirit energy causing the crops to grow faster/bigger etc). The family consisted of the father Ricardo, the mother Juliana, the grandmother Renata, and herself. When it was harvesting time Maria and her grandmother would go out to the field and harvest the crops. One day they were happily picking the maize when Maria saw something at the edge of the field. She called out to it and it responded with a turn of the head. Maria then saw it, Bright yellow eyes surrounded by a white face. Maria was terrified she could not move, could not blink. The grandmother saw a smoky shadow (the creature) and tried to get maria to move. The creature looked around and lunged. Maria's grandmother got in front of her and tried to shield her. The monster attacked the grandmother, and ripped at her till here was no more. Maria stood stricken when she saw her grandmother lying on the ground covered in blood. The monster noticed and turned towards her. It started forward and came at her. Maria turned away and ran but was to late, the monster had clawed her back and left a scar that would stay with her until her death. The monster came again and readied another attack but stopped. It turned to its left and then fell into dust. Maria looked over and saw a flash of white but a moment later it was gone.
Maria cried herself to sleep that night. The parents already knew something was strange about Maria but passed it off as nothing but now they were afraid. They took her into town and gave her to the church to take care of. Maria learned alot there. She learned to read, to write, to do numbers, but most importantly she learned religion. She learned that the things that attacked her grandmother were demons of hell. and that they thrived in this world killing many. Maria then decided she would help the world and hunt the demons. Maria lived there for a while then she joined the army where she fought and was experimented on. The army and the hunts changed Maria. She was no longer that same sweet girl that died 8 years ago, she was harsh, and cold, and straight to the point. During one of the experiments she gained new powers unlike any ever seen before. She could now tell what was going on and could kill more efficiently. Both the church and the army left her. She was alone now, she was now a rouge witch hunter, wanted by nobody, and hated by all.

Her personal story, and changes from human to hollow
MNF- Trapped
MNF- Changes
MNF- Growth
MNF- Ghosts
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PostSubject: Re: Witch Hunter   Sat May 08, 2010 7:31 am


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